10 Best Fireplace Insert 2020

What Is The Best Fireplace Insert?

If you currently have an existing fireplace in your home, you currently have a technique offered that assistance you considerably reduce your energy costs. A free-standing fireplace by itself might not be the most energy-efficient gadget, however, utilizing it with a fireplace insert will assist you to produce something practical like a totally brand-new system that can keep your whole house warm.

Best fireplace insert is a closed combustion firebox that is set up into an existing fireplace in order to make it more effective. It gets its name from the reality that it is straight placed into the old fireplace structure. This assists increases its heating capability and effectiveness significantly.

 Generally, the purpose of installing an efficient fireplace insert is to place some form of the heating unit within an existing fireplace enclosure that may or may not even be operational. If you think that an insert makes sense for your home, it’s important to take the time to research which type is best suited to your needs.

Most efficient fireplace inserts can use wood-burning logs, wood pellets, or gas for flexibility. You can likewise purchase electric fireplace inserts. Gas inserts can have a direct vent, a natural vent, and even be vent-free. No matter the type, a fireplace insert will come basic with a blower. Wood burning fireplace inserts with blowers include a fan that helps to spread out the heat from the insert throughout your house.

A lot of fireplace inserts are set up into brick fireplaces. This is most typical, however, there are also produced sheet metal fireplaces that can be fitted with inserts too. The issue with these depends on the reality that they can be challenging to discover. You need to search in your owner’s handbook to identify if this is possible for your fireplace.

Some best fireplace insert for heat themselves will not note that they are offered to utilize inside the producer’s fireplaces, so search in the user handbook to discover. If the produced fireplace is not noted for usage, and the insert does not list utilized for the fireplace, the insert is just appropriate for usage with a basic masonry system.

Selecting the best design for a fireplace insert setup can be difficult, but the advantages are well worth it. You can take an old and worn down the fireplace and turn it into something effective, attractive, and contemporary. You will conserve yourself cash down the line in addition to changing the environment of your house significantly with the most efficient fireplace insert.

Overall, fireplace inserts can reduce heat losses due to simple inefficiency (hot exhaust gases flowing out the chimney) by nearly 65% as compared with standard wood-burning fireplaces. They also reduce the chance of fire damage from sparks or cool burning wood fires that cause more creosote build-up in the chimney. 


The Main Types Of Fireplace Inserts

Wood stove insert review

There is nothing quite like sitting by a wood fire. Every wood burning product is a beautiful piece of furniture that will complement the charm of your home and provide a cozy home, a comfortable place to relax with family and friends. Тhis article will help you to compare fireplace inserts so you can choose exactly what you need. 

Today there are a number of different styles and designs for wood burning fireplace inserts that will transform any fireplace from a less than optimal, waster of energy to a 60-80% energy-efficient, eco-friendly heat source.  These inserts are designed to fit into the fireplace thereby sealing the home from unwanted heat loss in winter, cooling loss in summer, and money loss from your pocket–and they do this in elegant style.  Whereas creosote build-up and soot was a major concern in the past, these well-designed inserts eliminate virtually all of the emissions from the burning logs.  This is accomplished with models that utilize either catalytic converters or secondary combustion.  In addition, heat transfer from the heat source to the room can be supplemented by the use of quiet electric blowers. In our article, you will find fireplace inserts wood burning with blower reviews.

Select an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly wood burning fireplace insert to transform your home into a cozy retreat and save you lots of money in heating and cooling costs! On this page, you also will find best wood burning fireplace insert for the money and best rated wood fireplace inserts. 

If you want to use either of these types of best fireplace insert, you’ll need to have your chimney and flue inspected to make certain they are appropriate for burning fuel other than wood. Since other fuels can burn hotter, a standard masonry or single-layer metal chimney may not be appropriate or safe for use with inserts. you need best chimney liner. Вelow you can view wood stoves inserts reviews.


Pellet-Burning stoves

With everyone turning toward a greener way of life, there is a natural concentrate on what can be done to make home appliances, such as stoves and fireplaces, more eco-friendly. That is where pellet burning stoves can be found in, as they are extremely simple to operate and are more convenient than traditional wood-burning devices. Many folks think that they are as simple to operate as the gas, oil, or electric heating units that they are familiar with.

This kind of stove burns wood pellets, which is compressed wood that is collected from what would otherwise be waste items of wood and lumber. There are also corn pellet stoves that provide the same kind of eco-friendly and easy operation as the wood pellet stoves.


Pellet-Burning Stove Efficiency

Most of the pellet stoves depend on advanced computer systems and circuit boards to identify how much pellet fuel needs to be burned. Many designs have at least two burn settings and some usage thermostats to manage the fire. This type of system is extremely effective and causes really little pollution.

A fringe benefit to these kinds of pellet burning stoves is that they burn wood so effectively than a basic chimney is not typically required. Generally, the exhaust fumes are routed through a little hole in the wall to the outside using a pipeline called a pellet stove vent. Pellet stove inserts can also be vented up through an existing chimney, however, the chimney will require to be relined with a stainless steel liner.  Вelow you can view fireplace inserts reviews.


Gas stoves

Fireplaces include charm and beauty to any house. You can easily turn your old fireplace into a modern, tidy burning, and effective gas burning fireplace. New innovation and much better style have been applied to gas fireplace inserts, guaranteeing you keep the wood-burning look you seek.

There are three primary kinds of fireplace to select from: the top-vent, direct-vent, and ventless gas fireplace. The direct-vent kind of fireplace vents out the back of the device and through the wall of your home. Gas fireplace inserts can be purchased as top-vents that are set up into an existing fireplace style. Ventless gas fireplaces have no vent, however, burn inside with gas linked to the device.

Gas fireplaces have two methods of handling the heat they produce. They either enable the heat from the burner to straight launch into space or the warm air that is drawn into the cabinet and after that launched back into the room.

The Advantages of Including Gas Fireplace Inserts

An older wood-burning fireplace is generally just 5 to 10 percent effective. This is because of its open combustion style. Including a gas insert to your existing fireplace can increase heat effectiveness to over 65 percent. You keep the natural appearance of burning wood, yet turn your fireplace into an extra heat source.

When selecting a gas fireplace insert you will discover two types are offered, gas and propane. Because gas fireplace inserts are available in lots of sizes it is important to determine your existing fireplace. It is likewise essential to understand that gas fireplace inserts can just be utilized in real fireplaces with a working chimney. Sometimes a chimney liner is required and depends on the fuel source selected|picked.

Gas fireplace inserts are generally from steel or cast iron. Many are geared up with self-cleaning doors enabling a great view of the fire. Some gas fireplace inserts even offer fans to assist in heat circulation. A thermostat or remote control for setting heat levels may likewise consist of. Even more, gas inserts are offered in lots of pleasing designs, modern or standard. Naturally, various colors are provided too. You can view one of the best gas inserts below in the fireplace insert reviews side.


Electric stoves

An electric fireplace insert is an ideal solution for modern living. This is a real plug and play device (and requires no driver CD either!). In fact of all the fireplace inserts, this is the easiest to install, lightest to carry and has the least amount of rules and regulations to contend with. Electric fireplace inserts are also approved for mobile homes, so there you are. Truly a solution to gladden every heart and hearth!


The visuals associated with electric fireplace inserts are truly fascinating. You can have a crackling fireplace with burning logs and flames the color you like. Even here there is an option to either keep the fire on without the heating elements or to turn the heat on. You decide. The heat control is variable and you can decide the level you want. A blower motor will circulate the hot air evenly, heating up the corners of your room as well, in a short while.

Go for a model with remote control and you could control the flames, their size, and the temperature while you are curled up with a book. To make the list complete, there are models with timers as well! Other features are thermostats and overheat protection, custom designed faceplates, and glass door kits, and a choice of the log designs! Maintenance is negligible and mostly amounts to replacements of fused bulbs.

Many sellers will send you catalogs that allow you to blend the electric fireplace insert with the décor of your room and ensure that the finished job looks great. With electric fireplace inserts, you could truly give your room an international look while not sacrificing functionality.


Top 10 Fireplace Insert Review of 2020


1. PuraFlame Klaus 33 Inches Electric Fireplace Insert

Вest fireplace insert according to consumer reviews

In this article, you will find the best fireplace insert brands.

General dimensions: Width: 35.04″ x Height: 26.99″ x Depth: 8.78″. PuraFlame Klaus Electric Fireplace Insert is an energy-saving LED, gorgeous and traditional fire with slim push-button control.

Reasonable 4 steps flame effect with variable strength and brightness can be utilized with or without heat. Downlight style in order to increase the brightness of the hearth; No Gas No Oil required, and No Smoke damage.

Three-side brick wall style. High-precision incorporated trims going through welding and polishing workmanship make our items better. Electronic temperature control which provides more accurate temperature makes your space more comfortable.

Quiet fence air outlet, 750/1500W fan heating system for rooms approximately 400 square feet. The Control board ON/OFF switch should be ON to use push-button control. The Power cord is extended to 1.8 meters. Front repair, easy to use, set up, and uninstall. One year Service warranty.


2. Homedex 36″ Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace Insert

Тhe best fireplace insert for the Amazon version

If you are searching for a 36 ″ recessed fireplace, this is a fantastic alternative at a great price. The design from Homedex can be changed between 750W and 1500W so you can warm up your space and the thermostat will enable you to change the room temperature level to your choice. Simply plug in the 110V outlets and take pleasure in. The realistic flame effect has 9 various settings to select for your preferred atmosphere and it’s simple to set up on a wall. The integrated timer is rather useful to have and the consisted of push-button control will enable you to remotely change the brightness and color of the flame, manage the thermostat and switch heating unit modes. If you discover the Homedex is within your budget, this is among the best worth for money electric fireplaces you can discover online. 


3. Kozy World Comfort Glow GSD2211 Vent Free Gas Stove

Large charred log set with vivid details

  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 12.99 x 23.23 x 23.5
  • Item Weight: 45 Pounds
  • Finish Type: Black
  • Double fuel (natural (NG) or propane (LP) gas); no venting needed
  • Thermostatic heat control
  • Strong steel building
  • Front gain access to controls, electric ignition, double yellow flame burner, and big charred log set with vibrant information
  • The vent complimentary range has a burner that lights around the logs which is what provides the flame and the “glow” on the logs.
  • Optional blower (20-6143).


4. Comfortbilt HP22i Pellet Stove Insert Carbon Black

Best rated fireplace inserts

The ComfortBilt HP22I-SS Pellet Stove Fireplace Insert takes the remarkable efficiency and performance of the HP22 free-standing pellet stove and provides it as an appealing fireplace insert design. Together with heated air from the space blower, the bay view window radiates heat in three instructions. The ComfortBilt HP22I Stainless Steel Pellet Stove Fireplace Insert includes:

  • Certified 50,000 BTU output will heat a 2,800 ft² or more if temperatures are mild
  • EPA and CSA Certified to comply with all federal emissions mandates
  • Heat exchanger design and powerful room blower produce maximum heat from pellets
  • Easy to clean heavy gauge exterior
  • 47-pound hopper capacity; ashes fall automatically into a fixed ash container
  • Five power settings allow up to 18 hours of continuous burning on the lowest setting
  • A programmable thermostat allows constant temperature and economical pellet use
  • Rear mounted 3” standard  exhaust port, and 2” standard air intake 
  • Requires a cavity at least 24.5” high, 18” deep, and 19” wide
  • Fireplace finishing cover shroud is 42” wide and 33” high
  • All HP22i insert models are shipped with a free ash vacuum – a $59.99 value


5. Comfortbilt HP22 Pellet Stove Burgundy

Best rated fireplace inserts

ComfortBilt HP22 Burgundy is popular because of its modern look, big bay view window, a programmable 7-day internal thermostat, and effective heat output. Its exceptional engineering and reliability have actually made this flagship design consistently fantastic reviews from consumers all throughout the country. The ComfortBilt HP22 Burgundy Pellet Stove includes:

  • Certified 50,000 BTU output will heat a 2,800 ft² or more if temperatures are mild
  • EPA and CSA Certified to comply with all federal emissions mandates
  • Heat exchanger design and powerful room blower produce maximum heat from pellets
  • Easy to clean heavy gauge exterior
  • 55-pound hopper capacity; ashes fall automatically into a large removable ash pan
  • Pellets burn so completely that the ash drawer only needs emptying every two weeks
  • Five power settings allow up to 20 hours of continuous burning on the lowest setting
  • A programmable thermostat allows constant temperature and economical pellet use
  • Rear mounted 3” standard  exhaust port, and 2” standard air intake 
  • Exterior dimensions of the unit are 24” wide, 25” deep, and 32.5” high with the mounted controller.


6. Drolet Escape 1500-I Wood Insert

Best rated wood stove inserts

Package Dimensions:36.2 x 32.2 x 26.5 inches.

This high-performance insert will bring new life to your old masonry fireplace while warming up the interior of your home. Equipped with a secondary combustion system unmatched on the market, this mid-sized unit delivers up to 65,000 BTU/h with a very low carbon footprint; only 1.26 g/h!

A 29″ x 44″ black faceplate and a premium blower are included with the unit. A fresh air intake kit and a rigid firescreen are available as options.

This Insert stove can just be set up into an existing masonry fireplace.

When you set up the insert into the masonry fireplace you require a 6 inches stainless-steel liner that will have a favorable connection to the insert and will increase into the total chimney length and surpass the existing chimney by minimum 18 inches.


7. Valuxhome Electric Fireplace

Multi flame modes with log speaker

This heating unit is geared up with a Temperature level Limiting Control. When it reaches a hazardous temperature, the heating system will be automatic power-off.

The electric ingrained fireplace produces gorgeous & realistic dancing flames similar to a real fire. At the same time, it has the log speaker and you can hear a fire fracture sound.

This electric embedded fireplace will look ideal in your living room, dining room, or bedroom.

  • Material: Metal, Tempered Glass, Resin, ABS
  • Coverage Area: 400 square feet
  • Power Cord Length: 6 feet
  • Display Area: 31.7″L X 15.6″H
  • Adjustable Power: 750/1500W
  • Input Voltage: 110V-120V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Timer Range: 1 hour to 9 hours
  • Temperature setting range: 71 �F to 99 �F
  • G. /N. Weight: 53.35 pounds/42.33 pounds
  • Overall Dimensions: 35.6″L X 9.05″W X 21″H
  • Warranty: 1 year


8. Drolet Blackcomb Wood Stove

Best rated wood burning fireplace inserts

  • Recommended heating area (sq.ft.) : 1,800
  • Heat output: 65,000 BTU
  • Average particulate emissions rate: 1.26 g/h
  • Steel thickness – top: 5/16″

Thanks to efficient and low emission secondary combustion Drollet wood stoves reduce your energy bills and firewood consumption. These heaters provide exceptional comfort especially in the event of a power failure. Certified to the latest EPA standards these noncatalytic wood stoves are easy to use and are environmentally responsible. 

When buying, be sure to pay attention to fireplace insert ratings. This unit has 5 stars on the Amazon


Drolet Blackcomb is built to the highest standards in the industry. This mid-sized pedestal wood stove delivers reliable heat when you need it most. Drollet offers you a choice of options to get the most out of your wood stove:

-a blower to facilitate heat distribution

-a thermal disc to automatically activate the blower

 -a fresh air intake to draw combustion air from outside the house 

-a fire screen to fully experience the heartwarming smell of crackling wood.

Fire made in Canada with premium material each appliance is built with, high-grade steel sourced from some of North America’s best Mills. Each stove has:

– a top air deflector

– ash drawer

– ash lip

-side panels to reduce clearances

-a redesigned cast iron door to maximize the view of the fire 

– air intake control

-a stainless steel top heat deflector to extend the life of your appliance 

-and secondary air tubes for unparalleled combustion quality designed for true wood heating enthusiasts drawing a higher heating value since 1960.


9. R.W.FLAME 39″ Electric Fireplace Insert

Тhe best design according to consumers

Easy control and convenience Touch Screen. Alternating 5 multi-color modes and 5 levels brightness for Frame and burning logs. The remote control operating distance is 8 meters. Especially night modes design(Press Frame Power for 6s, all lights will be shut down while heating).



Material: Metal, Tempered Glass(Panel)

Dimensions: 39″ x 8.98″ x 27.01″

Power Cable: 170cm (About 70 inch)

Automatic Change Modes: Long press the “Color” button on the remote for 6 seconds.

Flame Color Modes: 5 modes(red, yellow, orange, blue, and automatic mode)

Burning Logs Color Modes: 5 modes(red, yellow, red, orange, and automatic mode)

Brightness Control: 5 levels

Coverage Area: 400 sq feet

Low heat: 750W heater

High heat: 1500W heater

Voltage: 120V AC

Frequency: 60Hz

Color: Black


10. Maxhonor Electric Fireplace Insert

Тhe best price according to consumers

Modern Electric Fireplace is the best addition to your modern living room, bedroom, dining room, and workplace. Simply take a seat, relax, and take pleasure in the comfortable heat and the beautiful atmosphere.

ONE fireplace, THREE alternatives: this fireplace can be recessed in the wall, wall installed, or utilized as a free-standing fireplace with the legs in the package.

Brighter and Realistic 9 Flame Color Options: 9 adjustable flame color (yellow, green, blue, white, yellow & green, yellow & blue, yellow & white, green & blue, green & white) Color Cycling and Off. 5 flame brightness setting, from a soft cinder radiance to a complete blazing brightness.

Can work as Non-heat Fireplace, Adjustable temperature settings from 62 ° F to 82 ° F, Timer setting from 1H to 8H.


Color: Black

Voltage: AC 120V


Temperature: 62°F to 82°F

Timer setting: 1H to 8H

Flame color: 9 options

Brightness setting: 5 options

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