Classic Flame Electric Fireplace For The Home

Classic Flame Electric Fireplace For The Home

A lot of brand names are known throughout the world for the electric fireplace. For those who are looking for a highly attractive and efficient unit, choose a Classic Flame electric fireplace.

Classic Flame is a long time manufacturer and designer of high-quality home heating systems. The company has been manufacturing lines and sets of electric fireplaces that are well crafted. The finishes and styles of each of their units are said to be superb that most of the models available are valued because of that.

The Classic Flame electric fireplaces are engineered out of the finest materials available, including veneers, hardwoods, and the so-called proprietary finishes. It is actually these materials that make Classic Flame the “fashion leader” in the fireplace marketplace. What’s more? The electric fireplaces produced by this company have won several design titles.

There is a long line of electric fireplaces produced by Classic Flame. Each of the units, according to reviews, is crafted to match the need and character of every potential consumer. Among the units that Classic Flame proudly offers, the Plug and Play fireplaces are considered the best.

The Plug and Play line of Classic Flame electric fireplace is grouped into series. There are the home theater mantels, wall mantels, corner mantels, and petit foyer series. Under these series are individual units named after a place, like Beverly, Amherst, Regency, and others. These fireplaces are even classified according to colors and styles. For instance, there is the Beverly Espresso, which comes with espresso, premium cherry, and premium oak finishes. This unit has a built-in cabinet that can be used for different purposes. It also features a shelf designed for electronic media components, and unlike other shelves, this is highly adjustable.

Another great example of Classic Flame’s award-winning electric fireplace is the Amherst-Corner. This unit boasts white, premium oak, premium cherry, and burnished walnut finishes, a solid fireplace surround, a finish that is hand-distressed, a fully supported and equipped corner top, tiered mantel top, and a framed center panel. This comes with a dimension of 42”w x 40”h x 28.5”d.

Other models are available under the Plug and Play line of Classic Flame electric fireplace, but if what you are looking for is a professional design that needs professional installation, Classic Flame can provide you this through their line of the best fireplace insert.

So, if unmatched quality, comfort, and convenience are what you are after, then why settle for another if you’ve already got Classic Flame?

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