Dimplex Fireplaces- DFI2309 Electric

Dimplex Fireplaces- DFI2309 Electric


Dimplex, a well-established manufacturer of fireplace inserts and stoves and a leader in the development of electric heating products, brings to you one of the best Dimplex fireplaces yet, the DFI2309 Electric Insert. Dimplex fireplaces are a step above the rest due to the ingeniously developed and patented electric flame technology. Dimplex fireplaces display a truly realistic “wood burning” flame effect, not found on any other brand.

     With Dimplex fireplaces, you are now able to breathe new life into an existing fireplace almost instantly with the DFI2309 Electric Insert. Installation is a breeze and it plugs into any household outlet.


Dimplex Fireplaces- DFI2309 Electric Product Description


As are most Dimplex fireplaces, the DFI2309 Electric Insert is backed by a 1-year limited warranty. It packs 1500 watts of heating power and with a built-in heater you are sure to enjoy even and quick heat distribution. It has been estimated that this model of Dimplex fireplaces runs at a cost of two cents per hour. An amazing economical option to heating your home with the added benefit of a cozy ambiance. Installation is quite easy with no need to have gas connections or set up any venting. It plugs into any household outlet and you simply turn it on/off with the remote control that is included. One of the very nice features this insert offers is the ability to enjoy it year-round since it has a choice of three settings: full heat, half heat, or flame only.


Dimplex Fireplaces- DFI2309 Electric Insert Product Specifications


  • 1500-watt electric fireplace insert with patented flame technology and remote control
  • Easy to install into existing fireplace opening; plugs into a standard household outlet
  • Built-in fan-forced heater distributes heat evenly and quietly
  • Full heat, half heat, or flame only for 4-season enjoyment; user manual included
  • Measures 10-4/5 by 23-1/5 by 19-4/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty


Dimplex Fireplaces- DFI2309 Electric Insert Reviews


   With well over 50 reviews on Amazon.com alone and an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, it is no surprise that this insert comes highly recommended. The Reviewers of the DFI2309 all expressed their satisfaction with how stunning the Dimplex fireplace looks and loved the ”real flame” look.


    Here is what one reviewer had to say,…”OK, so I was a little skeptical about buying the electric fireplace thingy. The doubts? It might look fakey, I wouldn’t like the flames, it wouldn’t put out any heat…Wrong, wrong, and wrong. I am in LOVE with this product. I use it almost every day, and people who come over just cannot believe it’s not real. One friend is replacing her gas logs after seeing my fireplace.” Click here to read the full review.


    There were a few comments made on improvements reviewers wished for One of them is that the temperature control is not located on the remote but on the unit itself to that was found to be a bit of an inconvenience. Also, The use of the remote is to simply turn the fireplace “on” and “off” so perhaps a less basic and more multi-functional remote would be appreciated. Aside from these minor shortcomings, most reviewers were extremely pleased with the look, the feel, and the savings they enjoy from their DFI2309.


Dimplex Fireplaces- DFI2309 Electric Insert Conclusion


   The DFI 2309 Electric Insert is one of the best Dimplex fireplaces available. We definitely recommend DFI2309.

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